7 Celebrities Share Their Unpopular Food Opinions. (Aren’t we surprised!!!)

February 9, 2021

One man’s meat is another man’s poison, and this rings even truer with some food choices, pun intended. No doubt, everyone has that one thing they do differently or that one unpopular opinion they have about food which causes indifference or even distaste to those around them. Some doings and/or opinions are agreeable whilst some are rather “gross” at their worst and surprising at best.

Out of curiosity, we recently asked some of our favorite celebrities to tell us their unpopular food opinions. We’ll leave it to you to decide which ones you agree with and which ones have your stomachs turning. Ohhhh, and be prepared to be surprised just like we were on what tickles some of their taste buds (chuckles).


  1. “Putting salt on avocado is appalling’”



  1. “Oysters are boogers which went to private school.”



  1. “Mupunga neLacto is my favourite.”



  1. “So this is how I love having my instant noodles: crack raw egg, add it to the instant noodles in a pot and boil on your stove top. It’s actually very nice. You should try it!”



  1. “Coleslaw is the boss of all salads. The rest are just part time workers.”



  1. I believe that if it doesn’t give you a mouthgarsm like pasta with creamy mushroom & chicken – then it’s not good food.”



  1. Nothing beats the taste of ice-cream with fried banana and a dash of cinnamon.




By: Tapiwa Mhlanga


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