6 Easy Hacks To Upgrade Your Rental To Home Status…

March 12, 2021

Just because the space you’re living in is rented doesn’t mean it’s any less of home. And there’s really no excuse not to work with what you have and make the most of it. Flourish where you’re planted! So recognise that your rental is your home and be inspired to re-decorate to make it feel that way.

Sure, you will have to deal with a few restrictions on your home improvement project. Particularly changes you can’t make without your landlord’s go ahead , like changing the floor tiles. So we’ve decided to share six things you can do to upgrade your rental to home status that are in fact landlord approved and require little effort. No need to wait for their yes, maybe or no for these ones!



Rugs make any surface look better and give the room an inviting feel. Bright coloured ones especially keep a room feeling youthful and engaged. So if you don’t love your flooring or you want to add colour and texture and warmth to your room, a rug is perfect for that!Remember to pick a rug that is the right size, matches your style and goes with the colour scheme you’re going for. It will make a world of a difference!



Adding texture can transform your apartment into a cosy, visually appealing space by adding dimension. The easiest way to do this is to throw in pillows with various fabrics or materials. Good news is you can use pillows you have and simply buy new covers for them. No need to break the bank on this one. Go a step further and mix and match textures that look good together like leather, velvet, wool, and suede.


3.Frame Gallery

Uniformity is the secret when using this decorating tip. Choose the frames and/or art pieces intentionally. Buy coordinating or identical frames for around the rental (not just for the living room or bedroom). Put up same sized frames to make everything look pulled together. A frame gallery is a perfect way to make a home feel like yours because choosing which piece will go up where is such a personal decision.



The correct mirror can brighten up your space while at the same time making it look more refined and expensive! But before you start hanging your mirrors, here are some important things to keep in mind:

Positioning. Hang your mirror across from a window whenever possible. This will greatly increase the amount of light in the room.

Reflection. Place your mirror across from something visually appealing like a painting or furniture piece. The beautiful object will be reflected in it.

Placement. Mirror placement will depend on what you want to be reflected. Below or above eye-level works in most scenarios.

Style. Modern, traditional, edgy, classic—you can pretty much find a mirror on every style. Decide what effect you want to create then choose a mirror with a frame or the glass itself that conveys that look.



Lighting is such an underrated yet essential ingredient when you’re decorating a room. And there are many varieties of decorative home lighting available for you to choose from. Hence, you can find the best lights that will go well with your space. To begin with, you can consider switching the light bulbs for something more attractive which you like that also has sufficient brightness. It’s really a cheap fix!

Secondly, make sure to add another source of light in each room. Go for the “layered lighting” decor technic that emphasises mixing of ambient, accent and task lighting. Think along the lines of table lamps, floor lamps and even candles—to illuminate the room as well as create poise and an enjoyable atmosphere. The beauty of light fixtures is that they look just as good as a piece of furniture (when not in use) in addition to being a source of illumination.

Lastly, since the ceiling fixture stands out in a room, if you dislike the ones you have, you may want to ask your landlord to switch them out for something more decorative. (Well, you had to ask her/him for something)



Plants, whether fresh or faux, add a softness, freshness and liveliness to your home! We especially love breathing plants not only for their aesthetic value but also for the many health benefits they award to our bodies and minds. Indoor plants remove pollutants from the air, creating clean air for our home. They are reviving for the mind by reducing stress levels, making it easier to unwind on a hectic day and better yet encouraging deeper sleep. Take advantage of all the benefits of houseplants and make them an essential part of your decor.

To get started, here is a list of plant decorating styles to choose from: plant decorating with stand-alone plants; a collection of plants; tropical plants or colourful leaves. You can also choose to arrange your plants in odd numbers; different sizes; different shapes and growth types and use decorative pots. Once you find the plants you like, find the right location for them in the house based on their needs and condition preferences and watch them flourish. Don’t forget to take good care for them.


By:Tapiwa Mhlanga

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