5 Ways to STILL Make 2017 an Awesome Year

July 3, 2017


Look at us–Almost halfway through 2017! My wish for you when the year started? That this year be good to you; that all your weight loss aspirations be fulfilled and that God motivate you to indulge less in office gossip. How are the resolutions? Have you managed to hold them up through these 1st few months? Probably not. Most resolutions seldom make it this far but I will let you in on how to make the rest of this year awesome with five simple but effective ways.By: Makaitah Penelope


  1. Mind Your Business

Let’s start by refraining from meddling in people’s affairs, shall we? Nobody died from minding their own business. “Here lies Marge, who inadvertently died from minding her own darn business.” I could walk on a tight rope and say get a life but I would hate to set off the rude and inappropriate alarm.So I’ll say this instead – Why burden yourself with matters that do not concern you? It’s so much easier to focus and put energy on things that really matter to you when you stop focusing on other people’s issues. However, there’s a distinct difference between minding one’s business and turning a blind eye.Ignoring the screams and thuds of a child being physically abused is just pure evil. A godly intervention is hardly meddling. Just don’t go about spilling tea and being messy.

  1. Be an Early Bird

You know what they say about the early bird. There is an aura of winning in simply waking up early and catching that lungful of fresh morning air. It’s a head start to a productive day. If you are that person who has trouble with waking up early or are always running late, you might try and make this your lifestyle. Once your day starts early, it’s a smooth sail to achieving those goals one day at a time and a sure road to success. Be that person who rises, arrives or acts before the usual time. Being early connotes volumes of positives; professional, disciplined, dedicated, organized, reliable, principled…well hello there superstar!

  1. Work Hard. Play Hard

All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl. Have a work ethic that will preserve your sanity. Adopt the principle that since hard work is intrinsically virtuous; then extreme fun is a worthy reward. Work like a Trojan and play like the second coming is tomorrow. Work should never deprive you of a social life, happiness and the precious unobtainable serendipities. A certain balance is required so you can clear your mind, and retreat into an oasis of serenity amidst the buzzing busyness of life. It’s a lifestyle that improves your general mood, reenergizes, and makes for some remarkable achievements at the same time. Once you find that balance then you know you have won at this life thing. Come fetch your Grammy.


  1. Take Advantage of Social Media

We are living in an age of digitalization as social media holograms a global spotlight. Anyone can be anything they want to be on these platforms. Your social media voice should be valued without any moral dilemmas. I’m not saying conform to generally accepted standards but appropriately position yourself for opportunities without border lining to catfishing. Be true, be yourself and most importantly be strategic. Stay in the loop of everything that is going on in the world. Take advantage of your social platforms to make your product or service known. Your product or service can be showcased on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook Live (seemingly putting YouTube out of business), podcasts and vlogs. You have a voice and a profile that speaks for you even in your sleep. Put on your tutu, ballerina pumps and twirl on these platforms. That figure 8 spin may actually translate to real figure dollars.


  1. Let Go of the Bitterness

Lastly, let go of all the pent-up anger and grudges. People may have wronged you in the past, and the anger of unresolved conflicts and arguments may still linger on but all it’ll leave you ishurting, resentful and vindictive. And no one wants to hang around such negative energy.Just close your eyes, breathe, whisper, ‘I forgive you’ and let go. Not as simple as it soundsI know but holding on to stuff only steals your happiness. Put all that baggage in a body bag, wrap it up with a nice little bowand toss it where the sun don’t shine. Then it’s happy go sunshine! Time to live and let live.

Here’s to a wonderful second half of 2017. Be a better you and mostly upgrade yourself every single day!

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