5 Ways To Get Your Hair Winter Ready

June 29, 2017

It’s time to pull out the trench coats, leather boots, ear muffs and scarves! Winter is upon us and is here with full force! With that in mind, how best do you take care of your hair and make sure it grows optimally?

Get your hair did!!- as soon as the degrees start to decrease, my first thought is to protective style. Number one go to style for me are braids because they protect my ends and keep my scalp warm. Protective styles include wigs, weaves or braids. Others resort to bunning but I prefer to not expose my hair at all costs. I also try not to relax my hair when it’s colder because your hair will break so easily. Nobody wants breakage! The less you manipulate your hair, the more your hair will grow. Also, try not to get extremely tight braids; this is one way you could easily lose your edges.

Longer deep conditioning sessions- when it’s colder and I have braids in, I aim to reduce my washdays from once every week to once every two weeks. So when I finally do deep condition my hair, I do it overnight instead of the usual 30-40 minutes. If you have access to steamers or hooded driers then be sure to use them. Always deep condition your hair regardless of the fact that you have a weave in or not. Always cater to your hair even if it’s in a protective style.

Avoid humectants- you want to avoid products considered as humectants e.g.  honey or glycerine products. Humectants draw moisture from the air, however when it’s cold, there isn’t enough moisture in the air and the opposite actually happens. The cold air will pull out the moisture from your hair and will leave your hair dry.

Use heavy sealants- after moisturizing your hair, you want to seal with thick oil like castor oil or a butter such as Shea butter! DISCLAIMER Shea Butter isn’t a moisturizer. You can consider it to be a moisturizing sealant though. Thicker oils or sealants will withstand the harsh weather and lock in the moisture for longer.

Wear satin lined hats- the same way you try to avoid cotton pillows, is the same approach you should take with beanies and winter hats. Because they are made out of cotton, they have the ability to draw out your hairs moisture from the strands. To combat this you can either, line your beanies with satin or silk. I don’t have satin material lying about so I wear my satin bonnet first, then beanie on top of that.

Thanks for reading. Winter is the best time for you to take care of your hair so that when you wear your hair out in the warmer months, you’ll be summer ready! #hairgoals

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