5 Stress Free Ways to Make Your Workplace Less Stressful For You…

Have you gotten to a point where the one thing that excites you about Monday is that it’s 4 days from Friday? The moment you think of the office you just want to die because of all the stress that comes with your job. Living like this week in, week out is a recipe for disaster for your mental health. The more workplace stress chokes you, the closer you are to a depression spell. While we may not have a solution for all your workplace stress, here is how you can make the workplace less stressful for you.


Organise your workspace

You would be surprised at how much a clean desk can reduce stress in the workplace. A cluttered environment just drains your energy and increases your stress. Way too much negative energy. Try clearing your space Friday evening before you go home for the weekend and begin the following week on a clean slate, literally. This will do wonders to improving your work environment.


Take frequent breaks

Stepping back from your work to take a much needed break is important. It helps you regroup when it all gets overwhelming and it helps you recharge. Taking a break helps you focus better. Stand up and take a walk. The relief you will feel from that!


Manage your schedule well

At times we struggle and get overwhelmed because planning is not a strength. Plan your schedule well and make great use of your planner. Wake up earlier (but get enough sleep!), get to work earlier, plan your day and arrange it in a manner that eases the workload off you. With good planning and a great schedule, the workplace becomes instantly more pleasant!



The concept of delegation is a myth to many. “If you want something done, do it yourself,” they said. But what are teams for if we can’t work together. Don’t try and manage all the work pressure at your workplace alone. Work with your co-workers and delegate what you can. The less you have on your plate, the better.


Eat healthy and hydrate

We all know half the times you’re in a bad mood, the first point to address the mood is to eat! Well, have you ever thought that maybe work is so stressful because you’re not having healthy food? Pack a good lunchbox with snacks to get you through the day. We promise- the difference is amazing! Don’t forget- hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.


By: Thandie Nyoni


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