5 Essential Must-Haves That Every Woman Needs In Her Closet

May 23, 2017

Here’s a preliminary list of five essential items that I believe every woman needs in her closet. These are investment pieces you can afford to spend a few extra dollars on to ensure that you purchase the highest quality possible. These are not trend items. These are timeless essentials


  1. The Black Coat

This is a closet essential that you can dress for casual days with a pair of jeans and sneakers or over your shoulders to achieve an effortless look for more formal occasions with a pair of heels and a statement or trendy suit. A quality coat can stylishly take you through several winters without needing to be replaced. Keep the style of the coat you select plain so that you can use your trend pieces to incorporate and bring out the versatility of this timeless gem.


  1. The A-line Midi-Skirt

The A-line midi-skirt is a truly flattering and forgiving skirt that I have adopted as my go-to style, next to my prized pencil skirt. This style of skirt, in a high-waisted form can complement any body type, in my opinion. It can be used for both formal work fashion and casual weekend styling, allowing you to increase that versatility of your closet. This is the skirt you wear after Christmas celebrations when you have had a bit too much trifle. It successfully covers all the areas that most women complain about, while focusing the eye on the smallest part of your waist that you would most prefer to accentuate.

If you are fortunate enough to own a skirt with a waist band that stretches or fits your upper body, be bold and wear a less structured version of this stylish skirt as a top to test your creativity and push the bars for versatility. You will be surprised how many ‘oohs’ and ‘aahhs’ you will get once people discover it is a skirt.

  1. The Leather Jacket

While I am very much aware that we are already out of winter, I will give you this fashion tip: now is the perfect time to start scouting for winter sales for essential items you will wear next winter. One of these essential pieces is the leather jacket. This can be worn over your shoulders on days when it is chilly but not cold enough to actually wear the jacket. Jackets, these days, are not just for functionality and warmth but they are also style pieces that can really add character to your closet. Leather jackets do not go out of season (Remember John Travolta in Grease, in 1978?). Find a style of jacket that suits you and your closet and this will take you through several cold days. While limiting the colours of your essentials to neutrals can appear boring, this is a fail safe way of ensuring that these closet gems last through your style evolution.

  1. Trousers

Trousers and culottes are fast becoming casual essentials for the modern fashionista. Trends like these are my favourite as they further emphasise on the importance of versatility and the value of key pieces that are transferable to all types of settings. You can go from wearing these to a formal meeting with your boss and simply swap your heels for your essential white sneakers for a relaxed event after work. If you are not into sneakers, that is not a problem, loafers, oxfords and block heels are the trendiest, comfortable shoes you will find on the market to compliment this essential piece.

  1. The White T and Shirt

The white t-shirt and formal shirt are essentials that will flatter your other versatile pieces very well. Remember that the neutral nature of these essentials allows you to create a foundation for your closet that will be solid enough to withstand any changes you will have in your tastes and any changes in trends. Add accessories to these plain canvases and you will see just how many more effortless wears you can get out of these pieces.

These are only five pieces of a long list of items you can include in ‘The List’. If you are beginning to think of outfits you can wear with each of these pieces or even identifying my other essential pieces in these images then you are closer to achieving that dream closet. Your task now is to go ahead and create your list of essential, timeless, investment pieces that will make your closet effortless and enviable.


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