Love & Friendship: Friendship Breakups

February 13, 2019

By Tapiwa Mhlanga

Valentine is often limited to romantic relationships. The most overlooked fact is that it’s about celebrating love in all forms and shapes. It’s a time to show love to every special person in your life, including family and friends. This year, our Divas Inc valentine theme is ‘love & friendship,’ because not even the most loving and caring partner can take the place of a best friend.

Moving on after the breakup

Ending a friendship can be worse than a losing a partner, and although breakups are a natural part of life, the million dollar question always is; how does one navigate through the loss of a friendship in a healthy way? We caught up with one lovely lady,Laurah Kachiti to discuss her friendship breakup experience.

Current interest …
Decorating my room.

A perfect day is …
A cookout with the people I love.

About my friendship (that came to end) …
We were too different,from our priorities, to our goals, to the way we lived. So we were always in conflict. In due course, we stopped talking and neither of us bothered to resolve it resulting in our friendship ending.

How I found strength to move on …
Moving on is easy once you know that life goes on and that one day it won’t bother you as much as it did soon after the break-up.

What I learnt from this relationship is …
Never comprise your values and that for a relationship to work, effort must be 50/50.

How do you know it’s time to end a friendship?
You just know lol.

The best way of ending a relationship …
Talking about it in a mature way. It leaves little room for bitterness after the breakup.

Holding on to friendships that no longer serve us just because we’re afraid of letting go …
Letting go is never easy. It’s always hardest for those in the most abusive of relationships. So we need to know that we’ll be okay.

One common cause of friendship breakups?
Growth!! As individuals,we grow at different a pace and for different reasons so priorities change and some friendships are left behind.

What are the dangers of pretending to be fine after a breakup?
Nothing! As long as when you’re on your own you acknowledge that you’re not. There’s no point in letting the world know you’re sad every day.

Any advice or tips on how to move on and heal from a friendship breakup?
Love yourself. Do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

Any tips for meeting new people and making good friends?
Be open minded, sometimes we make friends from the weirdest of places.

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