June 6, 2018

This month in our UPCLOSE Series, we celebrate the power of friendship. It’s no secret that girls constantly talk about their BFF’s as the one person who has been their direct social support system- who has supported them, listened to them and experienced the high and lows of life with. This kind of friendship is particularly special when it is life-long and the secrets to sustaining such a strong friendship often take a lifetime to learn. So we asked one life-long duo how they’ve managed to navigate through the many ‘’crazies of life’’ together and make their bond enduring. Celebrating 16 years of friendship, meet Tsitsi Taruwona & Kudzai Sachikonye. By Tapiwa Michelle Mhlanga

  1. Tell us more about yourselves?

T: Kudzi I’ll respect you today, you can go first.

K: Well I turned 21 in April and I’m currently studying a BSc in Economics and Psychology with (UCT) University of Capetown.

T: Turning 22 this year in November, I’m currently studying Law and International Relations at Middlesex University, Mauritius.

  1. What are you passionate about?

T: Wow. I feel like Kudzi is looking at me saying “you better not lie to her”. I am passionate about talking to and motivating people.

K: My passion is also in motivational speaking and child development. Anything related to …. Of children.

  1. Real jeans or jeggings?

T: Jeggings. Jeans are never a thing!   K: Skirts & Dresses lol. I don’t really like flaunting. But I do have my days.

  1. And when you go partying, who has to drive the other home?

T: If we were in the same country and same house, whooow disaster. But most likely Kudzi would drive us home.

  1. Where did the two of you meet?

T: I can’t even remember not being friend’s with you. We met at Children’s Church (Sunday school) in 2002 September or October at Faith Ministries-Borrowdale Community Church.

K: Our friendship grew over time. Our mothers are friends, so inevitably we ended up spending more time together. Sleep over’s and the likes.

  1. What was your first impression of each other? Did you ever dislike each other before hand?

K: Mmmm. I don’t remember To Be Honest.

T: But we can safely say that Kudzi is the quiet one and I’m the loud one. My mom always says that “I never thought my daughter would have such a person as a friend”.  Shockingly, we complement each other.

  1. What would be a good theme song for your friendship/sisterhood?

K & T: “Gift of a friend- Demi Levato”

  1. What do you admire most in your friend?

K:  The first thing I admire in Tsitsi is that she has great confidence in herself. Secondly, her love as a friend. I’d g go MIA on social media and she’d call my brother and ask what’s wrong with me.

T: I admire Kudzi’s honesty. It hits the right spot. Kudzi is actually very terrible at sugar coating things. I also admire her singing talent and ministry in Praise & Worship at Church.

  1. What’s your friend’s one annoying habit?

T: She lies that she is Ok when she’s not….Buh I always pester her until she tells me what’s bothering her.

K: Tsitsi under-estimates her capability and that bugs me a great deal lol. For example, she could be studying for an exam for days, but when the exam day comes she starts freaking out. And I’m like “Why you freaking out, when I’ve seen you study and prepare well in advance?”

  1. What is your favourite way of spending time together?

T & K: Go-carting at Pat pat, Harare and eating together. Particularly, eating comfort food at home. We both like to eat and bake together mostly at Tsitsi’s home.

T:  In winter we actually wear our wanzies and matching yellow slippers and simply have a bake off at home. I still can’t get over the fact that when I was still at college my mom and Kudzi went out for breakfast without me though.

  1. How often do you spend time with each other?

K: Everyday via Skype. If I spend 3 hours not having texted Tsitsi I feel like something is missing

T: And when we are both in Zimbabwe, its every Sunday plus weekend sleep over marathons. We also have this tradition that we pick each other from the airport when it’s a semester holiday break and also drop each other off at the airport.

  1. How have you managed to be friends for a long time (from childhood to adulthood)?

T: Growing up our parents were friends so when Kudzi’s parents were traveling, they would come leave her at our house. We used to spend so much time together. So with time she became more of a sister.

K: And it is that strong sisterly bond that has been the glue that holds us together.

  1. Why do you think some people grow out of friendships?

K: When Tsitsi moved to Zambia she found new friends and another best friend in place of me. It hurt. But with time I realised that it is good to give her space; not to force things and also not to give up on our friendship; since we were both going through different seasons. On the contrary, these very same three things can also be the reason why friendships come to an end.

T: Opinions, mistrust and insecurities!! I had a friend once whom after hearing a false rumour broke off our friendship. Lack of trust and too many opinions were the culprits at play here. But now that friend I reconciled. Yey.

  1. What do you love the most about your friendship?

K: the fact that we’re a little different. Tsitsi likes dancehall music a lot and now I’ve come to appreciate it too.

T: Kudzi’s life motto is “Problem? Pray About It!” And I like that. We also do devotions together on a shared Bible App. Kudzi is a friend that helps me with my relationship with God. I know she’s praying for me always.

  1. We finish the interview and you step outside the office and find a lottery ticket that ends up winning $10 million. What would you do?

T: Hit Kudzi up and take a trip to Bhali.  Actually, first I’d call my brother then we would call Kudzi.

K: Either a trip to Bhali or shoe shopping with Tsitsi of course.


Thank you Ladies we wish to speak to you again in five years’ time….May you grow together in friendship…

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