Four Local Businesses We Love That We Can All Take Notes From….

There are so many business tips online and a barrage of how to’s and what to’s from well meaning business advisers. But how have these tips been helpful to local businesses? Well, we’ve drawn up 4 local businesses that we can all take notes from and we’ve highlighted the crucial lessons from what we absolutely love about them that might just help you build your own small business.



If you‘re in Bulawayo or the next time you drop by the city of Kings, you need to order uMaIcecream, a local icecream brand with nothing but the yummiest of ice creams. UMaIcecream is always ready to deliver your serving of goodness, be it in your office or while you chill, they will make sure to get it to you as you go about your day, wherever you are.

UMalcecream’s biggest selling point has to be their relateability. Their name alone is something every other Bulawayo person can relate to. UMaIcecream is the general reference to an ice cream man. Not to mention their ice cream flavours, Lozikeyi, UMaDlodlo, Ibhubesi, uMchilo Wamakhosikazi, uMaMthembo…in essence, their products are named after models of pride that can easily attract their target market.

Our learning points from them? Be accessible and relatable, be it in your marketing or in your branding. Your clients mustn’t struggle to access your products or services. Accessibility is key!


 Meals By Maps

If you know Meals by Maps then you’d know they’ve used social media to catapult their business. Chatting with Leigh-Anne, founder of Meals by Maps, we realized that her business was legit founded online. With a few pictures of her meals posted online, Leigh-Anne soon asked if people would buy her meals and that is how the journey to Meals By Maps took off. Their Instagram page is a proper food lover’s heaven and all updates can be found online; availability of certain meals, ordering times, price list, it’s all readily available.

It may seem obvious but your business’ social media has to be more than just present. You need to be as detailed as possible. When information is not readily available, customers are easily turned off. “DM for Price” must be a matter of the past. Be as convenient as possible to both you and your clients; the more they feel they have to dig for information about your business, the more likely they will turn to your competitor!

Meals by Maps is founded on family recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation. It’s more than just cooking, it’s a passion. Setting up a business you are passionate about is great because when the burnout comes, your passion will carry you through and help you weather the storm.


 Amandla Peanut Butter

It’s hard to miss this brand when peanut butter shopping. Amandla has gone well out of their way to build their brand around their customers’ needs and it’s working. They tailor make their products to suit their client! You like dark peanut butter or light peanut butter? Either way, they are happy to be your peanut butter of choice. They’ve also gone the extra mile to cater for kids, making their products healthier and more attractive. Not to mention their yummy travel packs for that vacation you are planning.

 The key take away from Amandla is how they go out of their way to research and cater to customer needs. Trust us, it counts for money in the bank to cater to those nitty gritties for your client!


 Pretty By Sindy

Pretty by Sindy is your go to girl for all things makeup. The Pretty by Sindy motorbike is there to bring your favourites straight to your doorstep, and at affordable prices too! All you have to do is place your order on their social media sites, something which stands out from many other beauty brands. Not only are they offering great prices but efficient delivery services as well. Simply put, an efficient delivery system and a great pricing strategy is just what you need to give your business the lead against your competitors.


By: Sithandekile  Nyoni


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