Successful women and relationships

January 19, 2018


Society seems to have labelled successful women to have less successful relationships.  Women who are successful in business or their careers often struggle in relationships as they get older not because of the success but mostly the skills they develop and strengthen.

I don’t know whether being successful gets to their heads but it seems like when a woman can now sustain herself she does not need a man or cannot be told what to do or what not do.

An educated woman learns not to depend on anyone for anything particularly men. They have learnt how to go about with everything.

If you’re a savvy, successful, smart and high achieving woman, you have created success in your life and career. You don’t like to fail and you are willing to work really hard to get results.

Obviously these are great qualities they allow you to make a lot of things right and to be able to fully take care of yourself and your life, but since you’re good at this, you probably tend to take on the responsibility of fixing other people or a relationship as well.

So instead of connecting with someone who is relationship-ready, you gravitate toward a guy who needs fixing and help or you end up molding yourself like a pretzel trying to make the relationship work.

You’re  good at taking matters in your own hands and being responsible, and you want things to be right, so you’re incredibly good at rationalizing and justifying your choice.

And because you don’t believe the other person can be responsible for himself, or you don’t want to assume that someone can do something for you, you take the whole relationship’s success on your own shoulders.

There’s nothing that turns off a man like meeting a woman he’s trying to impress and then having her immediately try to turn him into her latest “project” that she’s going to fix. This is one of the problems successful women face.

By Faith Panashe Zvorufura

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