THE 3 TOP Grab-n-Go Outlets in Harare

February 13, 2021

Friends who show you new places to grab a tasty bite are important. We are that friend. We care about your happiness too much to sleep on the job of being a great bestie, and filling you in on all the latest buzz. From checking on your mental health to sharing new bangers to showing you …. you guessed it ….. new eating spots, we have you covered! Now, seeing that the lockdown may have limited your ability to have a sit-down meal and create memories at your favourite restaurant, we are sure you would want to know the best places to order a prepared meal which you can enjoy in the comfort of your home instead. So here’s our easy guide for where to pre-order the finest grab-n-go meals in Harare:


Dishful Duo Catering @dishful_duo_catering

We all have those days when you’re too tired to cook but still want a warm homely meal to soothe your soul and fill your stomach. Satisfy your comfort food cravings with Dishful Duo Catering’s hearty diner foods and home cooked meals. From soups to casseroles to mom’s banana loaf, they have a dish for any meal time. And when you need a strictly vegetarian dish, check out their incredibly diverse vegetarian menu featuring their infamous chickpea curry and butternut squash. All their meals are freshly made from scratch as per order bringing you a memorable taste of home like nothing else on earth.

Contact: 0772 131 331



Black Bean Taqueria @blackbeanzw

If you love Mexican cuisine, Black Bean Taqueria is the joint for you. Once you taste just how good their burritos, nachos and tacos are you’ll keep coming back for more! All of their food is made fresh everyday using the finest, locally sourced produce and every serving is loaded with freshly made, perfectly seasoned trimmings. From caramel pork and lemon and herb chicken to spicy boerewors, they have a tasty offering to suit any palette, all put together in 100% recyclable packaging. You need to make these mouth-watering babies your next takeaway order!

Contact: 0771 414 118



Mad Bites by Heather.R.

Mad Bites is a Harare based, food and gift delivery service. They offer a unique combination of non-food gifts and something edible. They also have a light meals menu including a vegetarian one. One can indulge themselves in some of their meals by ordering at least a day in advance or surprise a loved one with a meal or gift delivery in the same timeframe. Their menu consists of Honey ginger chicken salad, beef wraps or vegetarian bagels just to mention a few.

Contact: 0772 100 385




By: Tapiwa Mhlanga


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