21 Questions With Cynthia Mare

June 12, 2017

Cynthia Mare is an Afro Fusion musician based in Harare, Zimbabwe. She is known for her heartfelt and inspirational music. She rose to national stardom in 2010, following the release of her “second album ‘Summer of Love and the hit song “Catch Me When I Fall”. In this interview, we get to take a walk through the authentic Zimbabwean songbird’s private and professional life and discover her wardrobe choices, greatest indulgence, musical influences and upcoming projects plus much more. By: Tapiwa Mhlanga

On what do you spend the most? Clothes, accessories, perfumes, or anything else? Clothes and shoes.

What brings you the greatest joy? Music. When I’m singing it’s like nothing else matters.

What makes you laugh? Doesn’t take much to make me laugh. I’m a happy person generally!

What can you not miss on TV? American Scandal.

What song instantly puts you in a good mood? Shaina by Alexio Kawaro.

What is your greatest indulgence? Dark chocolate baby!

What should every woman try at least once in her life? Go on a holiday by yourself. Do what you like doing. Rediscover yourself.

And which one of the above have you done so far and/or intend on doing? All of the above!

What charity is closest to your heart? I work with many different charities. I haven’t picked a favourite one.

What are you currently working on? A new album, new music and will be recording some songs in South Africa. I’ve also just released Ngoro Remix (Tribal House) video produced by The Code. Ft JohnCole_Zw

And do you have any upcoming shows in Zimbabwe? Not at the moment.

Where have you performed? What are your favourite and least favourite venues? I’ve performed in most venues in Zimbabwe.

I love 7Arts Theatre Avondale and actually launched my Shinga Album there. Alliance Francaise is a favourite too. Its a very intimate venue.

What is that keeps you motivated towards making great music? Music is the food I eat, the air I breathe. I have no choice but to give my best!

Do you intend on going on tour abroad and to which country? Yes. This year I’m performing in Australia and Dubai. I’ve already performed in USA, UK, Nigeria and would love to perform in South Africa. I actually love to travel. Music makes it easy!

Who writes your songs? Myself but occasionally I co-write and I’m happy to have a song written for me.

What would you say are the main themes or topics for most of your songs? I love to inspire and motivate hence songs like Zuva Rimwe, Moto Ngaubvire, Shinga, Pfugama Unamate. And I sing what I believe.

Do you think these topics will change over time? I hope so on the next album. I want to sing more about love. After all it makes the world go round lol😆

How are your rehearsals generally like? Do you have a set time each week in which you practice or rehearsals more spontaneous?  When I have a tour or shows I do but not now because I’m currently recording. I have been with my band for 4yrs so our rehearsals are easier.

What is it that keeps you motivated towards making great music? Music helps me express myself so that is where I draw my motivation from. Zuva Rimwe and Shinga were about real painful personal experiences. I share that because others also go through such experiences.

How do you handle mistakes on stage? I don’t handle them lol. I just keep going. There is not much you can do once you are on stage.

Who are your musical influences? I have many for different reasons.

Oliver Mtukudzi: He makes me feel proud to be a Zimbabwean musician.

Alicia Keys: She made me love playing the piano/keyboard.

Mary J Blige: She inspires me to express myself as a strong woman.

Whitney Houston: Her voice is amazing.

Beyonce Knowels: She is strong and sexy woman and is consistent in her work.

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