2019 Best Fashion Buys

February 12, 2019

7 trends we’ve brought to 2019
A new year always brings with it new fashion trends which equates to splurging. This year you don’t have to break the bank on new clothes because you already have the ‘must haves’. Let’s explore some trends that have made it to the New Year.

Inspired by the 2019 Spring/Summer Runways

Fringe: ‘Fringing’ is still a wardrobe staple. The best thing about the fringe affair is you can never go wrong. They come in all sorts of fashion wear, bags, shoes… So feel free to choose the best that works for you. Join the ‘fringe-affair’ and dare to be different.

Neon colours: The 80s are back and there’s no escape. Neon colours were a hit amongst fashion designers and we presume this ‘in your face’ instagram style will be around for a long while. From the usual sporty and casual neon coloured outfits, designers have put a sophisticated high fashion spin on neon shades in order to make them evening-appropriate. Be prepared to shine bright this season.

Suits: Perhaps not the newest trend for 2019, but a trend nonetheless. Suits were a big thing on the runway and are a great way to incorporate style into your wardrobe. They come in different styles and colours so there’s something for everyone. When trying out power suits, think less formal and more fun.

Transparent bags: These are see-through bags which come in various shapes and sizes. Good news is you wear them with absolutely anything, from the bright ‘in your face’ colours, animal prints to plain coloured designs. Designers have brought this trend to 2019 and we have no choice to keep up because we’re just as obsessed.

Tie-dye: One of our favourite 60s trends is back! Well, for us Africans tie-dye doesn’t really retire, but the world has finally caught up. Queen Bee was photographed in Italy last year looking amazing in tie-dye; not to mention many other fashion icons that were also making a tie-dye statement. Looks like it’s a MAJOR fashion piece in 2019.

Pleats: Having had a successful run last year, pleats are back this year. However, although your current pleats are still trendy, there’s a bit of a twist; this year they’re going to be a little tight fitting to accentuate your figure. If you don’t have pleats in your closet, its time you joined in…

Feathers: Afraid they can be dramatic? Worry not, designers have incorporated them in creative and stylish ways even a reserved a person feels comfortable and confident in them. And we do love the feel of the soft feathers on our skin.

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