10 Travel Hacks from Ameera Mimi To Make Your Next Trip An Absolute Breeze

Visiting your dream destination can be a breeze if you don’t experience any mishaps along the way to take away from your great holiday experience. But how do you avoid these spoilers? By knowing what they are then taking preventative measures against them. Lucky for you, we‘ve asked our favourite Lifestyle Blogger, Ameera Mimi to sum up some expert travel hacks you should know to make you get the most out of your travel experience. Bon voyage!

Save and plan early

You don’t need to be rich in order to travel the world or take that epic vacation. All you need to do is to save and plan early. That way you’ll raise enough funds to visit your desired destination plus enjoy any special discounts when making early bookings. Some creative saving hacks to consider include reducing unnecessary spending, making extra money on the side and travelling during the off peak season.

Check the reviews online

Read up on independent and unbiased travel reviews and watch vlogs on your desired destination in order to get a true sense of the destination. That way you avoid picking a place that will not offer you the best travel/holiday experience.

 Know your travel buddies/partners

There’s nothing worse than bad company when holidaying. Be sure to pick a travel companion whose qualities promise real adventure. Because when you look back on a trip, the people you were with are just as important as the places you saw. Similar interests, similar budget, good sense of humour, self sufficiency, reliable and timely are some of the qualities you should look for.

 Get travel insurance.

If you can afford it in spite of the Covid-19 Pandemic, get travel insurance. Travel insurance protects you from the risks associated with travel such as the pain of cancelled flights, losing your luggage, unexpected injury, medical and other emergencies.

Always leave early for the airport

So that you avoid the inconvenience of missing your flight or forgetting to carry along a certain bag because you were in such a rush to make it for check-in, always allow ample time for your airport drive. Spare yourself the disappointment!

 Always double check your belongings at airports before leaving

I once forgot my wallet at the O.R. Tambo bag drop off point. Long story short, I was lucky to get my wallet back with nothing missing. The secret is “don’t be in a hurry, neither should you be distracted”.


Always ask about the best room and good views

Don’t shy away from this. Most guest relations will gladly assist if you politely ask. Trust me, a good room makes all the difference. Take preventative medicine against travelling associated illness 
Before you travel to your desired destination, make sure you do your research on the necessary preventative medicine and immunisation you must take in relation to that  travel point. This will promote your health and prevent you from falling ill while travelling.

 Always use a packing check list as your guide

True story. I once forgot my shades on a summer holiday, nothing was more painful. So, either make your own or find the perfect printable list online. A packing list ensures you won’t forget anything as well as encourages you not to over pack.

 Double check your room before leaving

In this case, I once forgot my favourite blazer in Victoria Falls. And I only realised this when I was back home in Harare. (Laughs) Good thing is I managed to get it back though. Lesson learnt? Check and double check your room so that you don’t leave any of your treasured possessions behind. The hassle of getting them back (if you’re lucky enough) is not worth enduring.

By:Tapiwa Mhlanga

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