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The human heart was made to be known

How do you expect to be understood if people don’t know what you are thinking? How can people understand you if you are just silent? Communication is the glue that pastes together emotions and feelings. Unexpected, deviant and unwarranted behaviours are a result of unspoken thoughts. The heart was made to be known, even animals […]

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Put a Ring On It?

Love is in the air. Love does not fail. Love is always the answer. What bigger manifestation of love between lovers than marriage?  Marriage is the ideal, the end goal for most people’s romantic endeavors.  Though admittedly there are some who do not desire this union, for those whom marriage is a heart’s desire the […]

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The baby came, but the sex went…

Rekindling your sex life after pregnancy They say everything changes when you have a baby; your sleeping schedule, your day-to-day responsibilities, your priorities, your body—and that definitely includes your sex life. While some new moms may feel ready to jump back into the sheets, others may be hesitant, and that’s perfectly normal. You’re tired; you’re […]

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