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YOGA with Denise

The Basics and Health benefits The practice of Yoga is aligned with many different elements. When one speaks about Yoga, they connect not only to the physical aspect of stretching and exercise, but also to the facet of the practice which brings about calm and peace to one’s mind and body. The term ‘Yoga’ essentially […]

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Valentine for singles

Be your own special valentine Valentine can be depressing if you don’t have a partner to share it with. This is most likely because it has been associated with a lot of pressure and expectations to spend it with a romantic partner. Reflecting on the lonely Friday nights, the boring long weekends, that one day […]

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My place is right here!

Three ways to ascertain stability at work by Miriam C.R Mushaikwa Sometimes as divas we take our work for granted and develop off-the-cuff friendships and alliances. These take over, instead of focusing on developing skills that impact our personal and business growth, we engage in competitions for office affection and form strategic alliances. These are […]

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