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Women in Fitness + Wellness: Deoline

“We have globalized everything, it’s time we globalized wisdom.” – Deoline Yoga is a 5 000 year old physical mind and body practice. Most present day practices share some variation of yoga poses (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama), relaxation, and meditation. The practice of Yoga has found its way to the heart of Africa. Not only has it helped […]

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Inside the Heart of Harare

Harare is known for its 5-star Cafes and Restaurants with local and international seasonally attuned courses prepared by reputable chefs. The city owes its reputation to Pistachio Cafe and Restaurant. Pistachio is located in the serene, up-market suburb of Borrowdale at Sam Levy’s Village. Although the area is marked by a cluster of restaurants, the […]

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The human heart was made to be known

How do you expect to be understood if people don’t know what you are thinking? How can people understand you if you are just silent? Communication is the glue that pastes together emotions and feelings. Unexpected, deviant and unwarranted behaviours are a result of unspoken thoughts. The heart was made to be known, even animals […]

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