Building a Lasting Business Legacy, Even When it Means Doing it Afraid

October 12, 2020
  1. Focus- Stop chasing the end. Be in this moment now and focus. Take everything you have and focus on that. Make sure you put your everything into that moment and push through. Yes, so and so did that and won that and and and…Focus on your goal. Focus on what you need to do. I promise you that 2 days of focus will move you 6 months ahead of everyone else if you just FOCUS.
  2. Define yourself for yourself- Society puts names and labels on people to control them and stop them from becoming more than what society has decided is the norm. Stop being defined by someone else and start defining yourself. Refuse to be labeled and create your own definers for you and your life. It’s liberating. It also stops you from comparing. Comparison is the thief of joy. Focus on being you. Because truly there is no-one else quite like you.
  3. Never be afraid – Sounds crazy but fear stops us from becoming our true selves and from becoming successful. So what if you are the first to ever do it? So what if you fail? At least you have tried. And the race goes to she or he who dares to participate. And living is on the other side of fear. DO IT AFRAID. Someone wrote that we only fear until it has happened then we know the outcome and we no longer have to fear.
  4. Patience Pays – Life is a marathon as is business. You won’t win overnight. It may take many many years, but success is inevitable if you keep pushing forward.
  5. It’s okay to fail- In failing we learn and we are triumphant because we know what not to do. If you fail you are ahead of the pack because you know what not to do and what you didn’t do well. Stop being afraid to fail and do it anyway. And if you do fail then figure out how you will win when you do it again. And take notes of why you failed and what you need to do to get better.
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